Hair Replacement Systems

Bespoke Semi Permanent systems 

I offer different types of Hair Replacement Systems depending on where your concerns are regarding your hair. No two systems are ever the same, each one is completely custom built and styled to how you would like it. My advice is always to come in for a free consultation so we can access your hair and scalp to ensure you are suitable for the system, but also this allows us to discuss in more detail your desired look, the cost of the system and also how the system works. Consultations can be booked via this link Home - LVE Locks & Accessories ( I understand that you may feel insecure revealing your hair therefore please let us know if you would like a completely private appointment or if you would like us to pop up a privacy screen around you.


Micro Parting/Crown volumizers 

*Suitable for clients suffering with thinning through their parting and fringe 

How do I apply the Micro Parting? Micro rings are secured into your hair to give the 'parting piece' something to attached too. We will then measure up your hair piece and sew this onto the rings. This ensures its nice and secure. The parting piece will then be tightened after 4-5 weeks, with it being fully removed after 8-12 weeks and re applied. 

Price - from £450

8-12 week refit - £110 


Integrated Enhancer System/ Mesh integration System

*Suitable for clients experiencing up to 50% hair loss

How do I apply the systems? These systems are completely custom built from scratch. Each system is secured onto the head through a piece of mesh and any existing hair you may have. Depending on the desired finish we can change your hair colour and style with this system. The system will need tightening after 4-6 week and will be completely removed and refitted after 8-12 weeks. These systems are a semi permanent system and do not need to be removed every day. 

Price - 

Half head system - From £550 - £850

Full head system - From £750 - £1500

*prices vary on the size of the system, the type of parting to be used and the length required.

 Refits include a removal of the system, your natural hair and scalp is the thoroughly washed and cleansed, blow dried and then the system is re applied.


Consultations are free of charge 


 Consultations can be booked via the link to our booking system Home - LVE Locks & Accessories (

*Please note these systems are to enhance the hair not to help it grow. We cannot guarantee how the hair will respond to a system.