Hair Extension Training Courses

LVE Locks 1-1 Hair Extension Training Courses 

It's time to learn a new skill! The hair extension industry is literally growing at a rapid pace every single year so now is definitely the time to get involved! Whether you have experience in hair or not we can teach you all you need to know! 

Our training courses are run by Nicole herself, who is a multi-award winning Hair extension specialist who previously had zero experience in the hair industry! During the course Nicole will teach you everything that you need to know from how to section the hair, apply the hair extension methods correctly and safely, the refit process, cutting and blending and even how to market yourself, take the perfect pictures and build your business! 

You will receive a very detailed training manual for each method you choose to learn as well as a full kit made up of products and brands that Nicole herself uses in salon everyday worth up to £180! This isn't just a kit to get you through the day this is a kit that will last you a little while and definitely get you started with your first few clients, saving you from having to go home and buy more stuff!

The Hair Extension Training courses are all 1-1 and based in the salon in Epping, Essex. This ensures you get Nicoles full attention and dedication throughout the day and feel comfortable learning at your own pace. Training starts at 10am however the day is yours, everyone learns at different speeds, so you won't be left feeling rushed to get out by a certain time!

After a full day training you will be taught all the new skills you need to start your Hair extension career. You are then required to go away and complete two models in your own time. Nicole will then access your work and send you constructive feedback. Once these two models are complete you are fully qualified, and you will receive an accredited certificate and qualification. 

We don't just leave it there! We offer on-going support as well as the option to come and shadow Nicole in salon as much as you like to gain further knowledge and experience. 


Methods and prices 

You can pick and choose exactly what hair extension methods you would like to train in from the following options:

  • Weaves 
  • Tapes
  • Individuals (Nano & Micro rings; this comes as one method however we cover them both)

1 method - £350

2 methods - £480 

All 4 methods - £595 

*Courses are run on Mondays. Subject to availability. A £100 deposit is required to secure the date, with the remaining balance to be paid the morning of the training. 

For more information, please contact Nicole directly either via whatsapp 07487817440 or via email